How it Works

When it comes to brain health insight and treatment, no one can do what we do. Our proprietary approach provides deep understanding and personalized treatments that open new paths to wellness and recovery. At every step, we provide evidence-based, world-class healthcare rooted in first principle physics.

Meet the Brain

Detect the Frequencies

Analyze Cognitive State

Create Harmony

The brain is an electro-chemical organ. For the better part of medical history, the world has focused on chemical aspects of the brain. Wave Neuro takes a different approach by researching and targeting brainwaves - the electrical currents that occur when neurons communicate with each other.

Wait. There’s electricity in my brain?

Neurons in the brain communicate through electrical currents that form frequencies (or “brain waves”). Different mental activities, like meditation or problem-solving, each have a distinct frequency.

  • Delta: Occurs during sleep
  • Theta: Stimulated by deep relaxation
  • Beta: Produced when you’re fully awake and actively concentrating
  • Alpha: Generated when the mind is alert but relaxed

We honor neurodiversity from the start. We first detect the unique frequency pattern occurring within each patient’s brain using an EEG scan. This pattern differs from person to person based on their neurophysiology and current cognitive condition.

What is EEG?

EEG is a pain-free, FDA-cleared technology that measures electrical activity in the brain. The 100-year-old technology is commonly used in medicine to understand the level of activity in various regions of the brain.

Using our proprietary MyWave technology, we analyze the EEG and derive deep insight into each client’s brain health. Our analysis combines expertly-honed algorithms with years of historical data to create an actionable cognitive report.

In this analysis, we can discover frequency disparities that often correlate with symptoms related to cognitive challenges, like PTSD and Autism. Understanding these disparities can help you and your doctor determine the best path forward.

How Can Wave Neuro Quantify Brain Health?

When the different regions of the brain share the same wave pattern, the brain is more efficient. When the regions are not synchronized, cognitive symptoms are often observed. For example, when a client has depression, their alpha and theta wave patterns typically differ across the left and right frontal hemispheres. Our proprietary collection of historical data allows us to correlate unique patterns like this to symptoms and mental conditions.

Still following? Good. (If not, send us a note at and we’ll clear things up.)

So, if we identify disparities, we can develop a targeted treatment called MyWaveTMS that is tailored to the patient’s unique frequency pattern. This treatment uses an FDA-cleared technology called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

TMS is a safe, drug-free, non-invasive treatment that improves the synchrony of your brain waves, and therefore your cognitive health. For many patients, improvements occur within two weeks of treatment.

How Does TMS work?

TMS uses an electromagnetic coil (also known as a Tesla coil) to stimulate neurons in targeted regions of the brain, gradually training the neurons to fire more synchronously throughout the brain.