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Understand and improve your cognitive health.

Translational neuroscience that has revolutionized mental health & wellness. Experience what Wave Neuroscience’s individualized approach can do for you.

Find Your Wave

Your mind is powerful. It guides the most trivial physical function and the most divine realization. It calculates, contemplates, and feels compassion. It makes you who you are. And, when you and your doctor have the power to directly measure, analyze, and improve brain function, you can transform your life.

Better healthcare is here.

Wave Neuro develops technologies that empower you to understand your unique brain and overcome barriers without pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures. We combine decades of medical research with targeted methodologies to create greater access to better healthcare.

The Benefits

  • Non-pharmacological
  • Non-invasive
  • Extensively personalized treatment
  • FDA-cleared methods and technologies
  • Low or no side effects for most individuals

Our Approach

The brain is an electro-chemical organ. For the better part of medical history, the world has focused on chemical aspects of the brain. Wave Neuro takes a different approach by researching and targeting brainwaves - the electrical currents that occur when neurons communicate with each other.

Detect The Frequencies

We honor neurodiversity from the start. We first detect the unique frequency pattern occurring within each patient’s brain using an EEG scan. This pattern differs from person to person based on their neurophysiology and current cognitive condition.

Analyze The Cognitive State

Using our proprietary technology, we analyze the EEG and derive deep insight into each patient’s brain health.  Our analysis combines expertly-honed algorithms with years of historical data to create an actionable cognitive report that can help you and your doctor determine the best path forward.

Create Harmony

Based on the result of our analysis, we can develop a targeted treatment called MeRT tailored to the patient’s unique frequency pattern. This treatment uses an FDA-cleared technology called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS); a safe, drug-free, non-invasive treatment that improves the synchrony of your brain waves, and therefore your cognitive health.

Who We Are

We are a team of doctors, researchers, parents, athletes, artists, and mental health advocates who aspire to do the greatest good for the greatest number. Every day, we advance the field of neuroscience and work to make extraordinary healthcare incredibly accessible.
“I went from dependence on opioids, SSRI’s, Benzos, and sleep meds to clean in less than 6 weeks. The MeRT technology provided by Wave Neuroscience saved my life.”
— Justin Sheffield, Naval Special Warfare Master Chief

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